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Kettlebell Snatch Workouts

Like it’s cousin the Barbell Snatch, the Double Kettlebell Snatch, is a true test of power and a true power developer. And arguably, it’s the hardest to master, second only to the Clean and Jerk. Due to it’s long range of movement and the explosive effort necessary to get it to the overhead lockout position, when performed for reps, it’s a superior conditioning tool and a tremendous upper back developer.

1. Start by setting up like the Double Kettlebell Swing. 2. Hike the kettlebells hard back between the legs. 3. Drive hard with the hips pulling the elbows up and back like the Double Kettlebell High Pull. 4. As the kettlebells become weightless, punch them up toward the sky, allowing them to roll around your wrists or flip over the top of your wrists. 5. To perform another rep, drop the kettlebells into the rack, and then hike them back between the legs, repeating steps 3 and 4. 6. Perform as many reps as you choose. 7. When finished, place them on the ground like a Double Kettlebell Clean.

Want to make the Kettlebell Snatch feel effortless? Go here to learn how.

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