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How To Perform the Kettlebell Workouts

Updated: Apr 27

Here Are The Double Kettlebell Workouts And How To Perform Them:

The single kettlebell workouts are great, but learning how to do each of the double kettlebell workouts is how you maximize your results from your kettlebell training. For example, using a pair of 32kg kettlebells (or heavier) is a fantastic way to build your legs and strengthen your core, without punishing your hips, lower back, elbows, or wrists, typically associated with traditional barbell squatting.

Putting the double kettlebell workouts together like the double kettlebell clean and military press or the double kettlebell clean and jerk, is a great way to build a time-efficient workout program for pretty much any goal: Strength, muscle-building, power training, even conditioning.

Plus, when you learn how to do the double kettlebell workouts, you can toss a pair of kettlebells in your car and train anywhere! Or, just take them out into the backyard… Or the deck… Or the – you get the point. (Hard to do that with a barbell!)

(NOTE: Some of these double kettlebell workouts are more advanced than others. They are not listed in their order of complexity, but by their familiarity.) The Double Kettlebell Swing The Double Kettlebell Military Press The Double Kettlebell Clean The Double Kettlebell Clean and Press The Double Kettlebell Front Squat The Double Kettlebell Push Press The Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press The Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk The Double Kettlebell High Pull The Double Kettlebell Snatch

If you want in-depth detailed double kettlebell exercise instructions and workouts that get you leaner and stronger faster than you thought possible, check this out.

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