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Kettlebell Workouts – Double Kettlebell Clean

The Double Kettlebell Clean is often thought of as a transition exercise – a delivery system to put a pair of heavy kettlebells in the rack position so you can drive them overhead. However, that limited thinking is doing this magnificent exercise a severe injustice.

Soviet researcher, and “Father of Plyometrics,” Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky, noted that one set of 10 cleans using a pair of 32kg kettlebells drove the heart rate up of elite weightlifters and it didn’t return to normal for 10 minutes! Furthermore, not only is it a great “conditioner,” performed for enough reps, it’ll pack some muscle on the arms, shoulders, and upper back while creating explosive hips.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Start with the kettlebells in front of you like you would for the double kettlebell swing.

2. Aggressively hike the kettlebells behind you underneath your hips.

3. Tuck your elbows into your sides and roll the kettlebells around your wrists up the front of your body.

4. Keep the kettlebells pulled close to the body.

5. Gently place them in the rack position. Keep the elbows glued to your ribs.

6. To re-clean the kettlebells, toss them down from the rack and back underneath the hips, once again returning them to the rack position.

7. During the backswing, keep the torso upright as long as possible and get out of the way at the last minute allowing the bells to pass underneath the body.

8. To place them on the ground, toss them back down from the rack allowing them to swing forward to the start position.

For more details on performing the Double Kettlebell Clean, go here.

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