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Kettlebell Workouts - Double Kettlebell High Pull

The Double Kettlebell High Pull is an important exercise for learning the Double Kettlebell Snatch. It teaches you how to drive with your hips and “float” the kettlebells up in the air. This is a critical skill because the “float” is necessary to create the momentum to “punch” the kettlebells into the overhead lockout position.

1. Begin the same way you would for the Double Swing. 2. As you snap your hips, pull your elbows up and back behind you. The kettlebells should float up by the side of your head. Power breathe as you snap your hips. 3. As the kettlebells fall from beside your head, direct them back between your legs like the hike pass of the Swing. 4. Perform as many reps as you choose. 5. Place them on the ground the same way you would the Double Swing.

For more details on performing the Double Kettlebell High Pull, go here.

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